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What Do I Need to Connect?

So you have decided that GASP is the ticket. Now - whats the next step?

Firstly we need to determine if you are within the coverage area. Please click here to view a comprehensive list of suburbs within our coverage area or just call one of our representatives who can look up your address on our mapping system. Not within our coverage area but still want GASP? Click here

Once we know that you are within the coverage area we need to conduct a site survey, where a technician will visit your home or business and test the signal strength. They can also talk you through any questions or issues you may have.

Once a successful site survey has been completed we are ready to install.

The equipment required for a residential or business wireless installation consists of a bridge (or Wireless Modem) and a high gain antenna. GASP sources the highest quality equipment from overseas and can provide it to you at a very competitive price here in New Zealand.

For residential customers wishing to access our connection through the Cafenet network on a laptop, all that is required is a wireless laptop card, generally PCMCIA or USB.We also stock these if required.


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